Anita first caught Ben’s eye on his profile due to his rather handsome picture.

“I didn’t think that someone as gorgeous as Ben would ever reply to me. But, sure enough, he responded to my message, and we clicked straight away,” said Hungarian-born Anita.

For a few weeks, Anita and Ben shared messages with each other before taking the next step and speaking on the phone.

“At first it was incredibly nerve-racking,” said Ben. “Hearing Anita’s voice for the first time was amazing. That day we spoke for over two hours, and it felt like no time at all. We just clicked. I couldn’t wait to call her again the next day, but I didn’t want to seem over the top! I needn’t have worried – Anita felt the same and she called me up the following day.”

From then on, the two were talking every day on the phone for a couple of hours or more. Eventually, they plucked up the courage to meet each other in person. They were inseparable ever since! Anita moved to the UK to be with Ben and the two ran Ben’s Guest House together.

“It just works,” said Anita. “We have now been together three years and I cannot believe my luck!”. Excitingly, Ben and Anita are also now awaiting the arrival of their first child together. And it’s all thanks to a chance profile click on Euro Friendship.

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