Kurt and Alina’s story began right here on Euro Friendship. Kurt had been on the dating scene a while but just had not plucked up the courage to send anyone a message. Then he saw Alina’s profile. Her long flowing hair and beautiful smile caught his eye. The elements she had included in her profile sparked his curiosity, especially her love of dogs.

Romanian Alina was taken aback when she received a message from Kurt. “‘Who is this handsome German guy?’ was my initial thought!” says Alina. “He looked smart and had kind eyes, and his message seemed much more genuine than others I’d received. I didn’t want to reply straight away so I waited a couple of days!”

“I didn’t think Alina was interested! She certainly kept me hanging!” laughs Kurt. But, sure enough, true love would prevail. The couple messaged each other every day for three weeks before Kurt decided that enough was enough – he just had to meet Alina. The very next day, Kurt bought a plane ticket from his home city of Berlin and flew to Bucharest. Alina waited for him at the airport.

“I did panic a little and thought “What if he doesn’t look like his picture?” but he looked even better!”. Kurt had not booked himself a return flight and he and Alina stayed together in her apartment.

A year later, they are engaged to be married. Kurt has found himself a job in Alina’s city and gets on well with her family too. What a lovely happy ending for them both!

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