Nadia was looking for love on Euro Friends. She had tried to put herself out there, but busy work commitments and a lack of confidence was holding her back. Since putting her profile on Euro Friends, Nadia suddenly had the pick of the crop. Men were falling at her online feet!

“I was a little overwhelmed,” says the Russian model. “I had such little confidence at the time!”. Still, not many of the men sparked her interest. “I just wasn’t sure enough of myself to reply. I kept wondering if they would really like me if they got to know me, and I didn’t think they would”.

One day, she received a quiet and shy message from Ahmet, and everything changed. Ahmet’s message was different from the others. He stood out from the start.

“For the first time since I joined, I decided to reply with a long and detailed message. I was nervous at first and doubted myself, but Ahmet was so kind and reassuring. I was in love at first message!”.

Ahmet and Nadia have now been online dating for 18 months. Unfortunately, Ahmet struggled to raise the funds needed to move to Ekaterinburg to be with Nadia and so the two have not met in person yet. But they have a date set for next year when they will finally meet. In fact, they are going one better! The first time they meet will be down the aisle! That’s right, Ahmet and Nadia are so in love that they do not want to wait. Imagine our delight at Euro Friends HQ in learning this story! What a fairy tale!

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